Anonymous September 16, 2019


"Christina answered all my questions related to wigs, and provided much-needed advice. The salon has a wide selection of styles and sizes, and Christina's very first selection was a wig that was the right fit, and the right color-blend to match my skin tone. I was very impressed with the service and the friendly approach."
Beverly J. September 7, 2019

Beverly J.

"My third visit to Ladonna Roye for highlights and I couldn't be more satisfied. Besides doing an excellent job on my hair (which is not "easy" hair, thin and fine) the staff that works there is friendly, helpful and make you feel welcome. I actually have a good time while I'm there and am in awe of the wonderful work they do with wigs and balding problems. It's not just a beauty salon but a whole hospital of cures for hair woes, besides being stylish and hip."
Anonymous August 24, 2019


"LaDonna must have a little ESP in her because she knew exactly what I was looking for in a hairpiece. She brought out 3 pieces and I picked out one of them. It was what I was looking for so I bought it. I did not have to go through many, many hairpieces to find what I was looking for. Made the appointment easy and fast."
Pat M. August 17, 2019

"LaDonna is truly a style and color expert! Would highly recommend her."
Eileen F. August 2, 2019

Eileen F.

"I made an appointment on a Monday morning and secured an appointment the same day with Nancy. She was very considerate and understanding of my situation. My hair loss was considerable and came quickly. She talked to me about my hair loss and what may be causing it. She showed me my options and then when I decided what I wanted to do, she showed me a few choices of wigs. I decided on one and she helped make it my own by shaping and cutting it. She explained how to care for it and said to return if I needed help with it or had any questions or concerns. She made me feel much better about myself and more sure about wearing a wig. I was the only client there so that was easier also. I left with a smile on my face. Thank you, Nancy for your excellent care."
Sandy E. July 17, 2019

Sandy E.

"Always fun. Everyone is so friendly and helpful."