Sandy E. July 17, 2019

Sandy E.

"Always fun. Everyone is so friendly and helpful."
JR Drummond July 17, 2019

2024-03-25 | 15:17:23

"I made an appointment with Christina to discuss the fit and look of several wigs I own (I was leaving them to be shampooed). I wanted Christina's professional opinion on whether any of them needed some styling. As usual, she was straightforward and offered excellent advice."
Suzanne Kellam July 17, 2019

2024-03-25 | 15:17:25

"I have been going here for years with various challenges for them to deal with! They are cautious, informative as to ones options, fabulous stylists, and extraordinarily kind and compassionate. They know what they are doing on all fronts and have a vast selection of wigs from which to chose. As far as I am concerned......the best around!"
Laura Lewis July 16, 2019

2024-03-25 | 15:17:28

"I love this place, Christina sold me a topper and did a beautiful job cutting it. I highly recommend them if you have thin hair!"
Maureen H. July 2, 2019

Maureen H.

"Although we stopped in without an appointment, the staff was very accommodating. I was surprised by the large selection of wigs and accessories. After making my choice, it was trimmed and fitted and clear instructions were given on the care. The pricing was moderate compared to the quality and natural look and comfort of the product. Because of chemogography I needed to purchase a wig, but I may go back and buy another just for fun."
Beverly J. June 23, 2019

Beverly J.

"I couldn't be more impressed. When I had failed to communicate how blonde I wanted to go, LaDonna invited me back and redid my highlights, taking responsibility for the gaffe on my part. Totally classy move that will endear me to her for a long time to come! It's a classy outfit all around. The people are all lovely, friendly and informative. I skeptically bought some products that are supposed to help balding problems, and imagine my surprise when I actually realized it was NOT necessary to do a "comb-over" on certain parts of my crown. The products are working. Unbelievable! LaDonna honestly said she couldn't see my new hair growth, but I am here to tell you that what I used to do to cover the scalp is NOT necessary any longer. The stuff works! Anyway, I've found my beauty salon, and I can recommend it in a heartbeat. My highlights are beautifully and professionally done to the color I wanted, and I'm growing hair. What more can I ask?"