History of Weaves and Wigs

Male hair pattern baldness, hair loss, and conditions that cause hair loss are far from a new concern. In fact, it has been an issue that people have confronted for thousands of years. That is also about how far back weaves and the history of wigs dates.

So, when were weaves and wigs created, and where exactly does the history of synthetic hair begin? Here is a quick look at where weaves and wigs began and the history of synthetic hair options.

Look and Walk Like an Egyptian

To uncover the history of wigs and go back to where they started, you will have to visit Egypt. It is believed to have been around 5000 BC when wigs were first introduced and worn by the people of Egypt.

A closer look at hieroglyphs and statues from that era and place also suggest some insightful details about the origin of weaves and the history of wigs. Many of these images were portrayed or depicted with braids, straight bobs, and other structured hairstyles.

What history reveals about those images is that head shaving was also believed to be a common practice during this time in Egypt, meaning those looks and hairstyles may not have been natural. In fact, because of the heat and concerns regarding lice, many Egyptians would wear wigs made of human and animal hair, along with wool or palm leaf fibers.

Another interesting caveat about wigs during this time was that wigs were also viewed as a sign of status. That would also be a trend that wouldn’t be isolated to Egypt alone, nor would the popularity and use of wigs.

The European Wig Invasion

In the midst of the syphilis epidemic in the mid-1500s, wigs found a functional use in Europe. The popularity of wigs received a boon when King Louis XIV of France consigned people to create elaborate tall wigs. King Louis was also infected by the epidemic and also used wigs to disguise his hair loss. 

Persons of class and stature in this society became synonymous with wigs of elegance and grandeur, such as big long curls for men or hairdos adorned with jewels for women, as an example. Today, while wigs may not be representative of wealth and class, they are considered beautiful and desired.

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