A Beginners Guide to Buying Your First Wig

Buying your first wig can be quite intimidating, especially if you don’t know anyone who wears one regularly. This information will give you some tips for buying your first wig and how to make the best of wearing it confidently.

How To Choose Your First Wig

When choosing your first wig, you will need to consider your needs to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of variety available on the market.

Define your purpose for buying a wig. What do you want your wig to do for you? Is it for fun, to try out new hairstyles? Is it to help you through a difficult time or to mask hair loss caused by illness? Or is it a treat to help you feel better about your appearance? Your reason for buying it will guide your choice of whether to get one made from real human hair or synthetic hair. 

How To Measure Your Head

Like clothing, wigs come in petite, average, and large sizes. You must measure your head circumference to ensure you get the correct size. Pass the tape measure around your head, keeping as close to the hairline as possible. Compare your measurement with the sizes given on the wig to ensure a good fit.

Select Color To Suit Your Personality

Most people select a wig color that is close to their natural color at first. But there is no reason not to get a wig in a color that is opposite to your natural hair tone. To make the wig look as natural as possible, you can try to match the wig to your complexion. If you have light, fair skin, stick to warmer tones like honey blonde, strawberry blond, or black. Cooler shades like copper or caramel with platinum undertones will be a match if you have a darker skin tone.

How To Make Sure Your Wig Stays Put 

The most embarrassing thing when wearing a wig is the possibility of it coming loose and falling off your head. It won’t happen to you if you secure the wig well. There are various ways you can ensure your wig stays in place the whole day. You can use wig grips and pins to secure it to your hair, but there is always a chance that the grips may not stay in place throughout the day. A more secure option is using a wig glue that you dab along the hairline and press your wig in place until the glue dries. The wig will then stay in place. The third option is wearing a wig cap with a lace front or a 360 lace and using your natural hair to keep the wig in place.

Getting that first wig may be daunting, but once you take a plunge and buy one, you can experiment with the different ways to wear it, and you may find you are enjoying your wig. So, don’t stress, get your wig, and other things will fall into place as you go.