Do Synthetic Wigs or Human Hair Wigs Last Longer?

Investing in a wig is a major decision as there are numerous options you can select. You have to consider what color, text, and style of wig you want and whether to settle for a human hair wig or a synthetic wig. How long the wig will last is likely one of the most significant factors influencing your decision on which type of wig you purchase. You probably want to invest your hard-earned money in a wig you can rock for longer. Ordinarily, human hair wigs last longer than their synthetic counterparts.

How Long Does Human Hair Wigs Last? 

You can expect human hair wigs to last for at least a year. However, their lifespan can be affected by several other factors. Firstly, high-quality offerings like 100% virgin options provide the most longevity. The 100% virgin options don’t undergo any chemical processing and often have the cuticles intact. On the other hand, while human hair wigs that are processed or colored are still an excellent investment, their lifespan can be shorter than that of 100% virgin options. The additional advantages of human hair wigs are:

  • They have a natural look and feel: Since human hair wigs are created from natural human hair, they look and feel as impressive as the other natural air on your head.
  • Unmatched styling freedom: Many people like human hair wigs because of how easily they can be styled through color, curling, perms, and straightening. 
  • Numerous texture options: Human hair wigs are available in all kinds of textures; thus, you have the freedom to pick whatever texture you want. 

Keep in mind that how long you wear your human hair wig will be determined by how it was installed and whether it’s a ready-to-wear wig, 360 lace wig, or a front lace wig. 

How Long Does Synthetic Wigs Last? 

Synthetic wigs typically last for between four to six months. The heat-friendly options are the ones that usually have a shorter lifespan. However, many people choose synthetic wigs because

  • They are pocket-friendly: Synthetic wigs are significantly more affordable than their human hair counterparts. Although they don’t last long, the fact that they are inexpensive means that you can purchase multiple of them and have the freedom to switch up your look often. 
  • They are quick to style: You can style your synthetic wig in no time. Even after washing it, it will likely retain its style. 
  • Numerous color options: Synthetic wigs are available in almost every color you can imagine. This makes it easy for you to achieve a stylish themed look. 

Avoid processing your synthetic wig once you purchase it to extend its longevity. Using a heated styling tool and applying color to your synthetic wig will likely damage it. 

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