Why Are Hair Toppers All the Rage These Days?

Hair toppers have soared in popularity. Why are they on trend? People are discovering the many benefits of hair toppers and want to take advantage of them. For many, they offer the perfect hair accessory.

Of course, not everyone prefers hair toppers, and there are also some disadvantages as well as benefits of hair toppers.

Here’s an overview of the pros and cons.

Benefits of hair toppers

  • Covers hair loss: Hair toppers are great for concealing hair loss or thinning hair. All you have to do is clip the hair topper in place, and your bald or thin spots are perfectly covered.
  • Enhances hair: Is your hair lacking in volume or thickness? Hair toppers are ideal for enhancing your existing hair. They can make your locks look bigger and thicker for a more attractive look.
  • Protects hair: If you wear hair toppers, the topper covers your own hair. It provides a top layer that protects your natural hair from heat, sun or other elements. This can give your hair the break it needs to grow or restore.
  • Is lightweight: Some wigs and hair pieces are heavy. They can be uncomfortable to wear. Hair toppers are very light. In fact, some styles are so light you may forget you have one on.
  • Incorporates your own hair: One of the top benefits of hair toppers is the ability to blend your hair with the topper. You can let your hair flow down the sides and back and blend it with the topper so it looks even more natural.
  • Looks real: No one wants others to know they are using hair toppers. Fortunately, one of the benefits of hair toppers is a natural look. You can style and blend it with your own hair so it looks real and no one will be able to tell you’re using hair toppers.
  • Offers variety: There are myriad hair topper styles, fibers and colors available. You can choose human hair or synthetic hair. Select professional highlights and any color you prefer. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Disadvantages of hair toppers

  • Exact match required: With wigs, you can choose any shade without concern about matching your natural hair color. With hair toppers, you need to match your own hair color exactly. You will need to consult with a hair topper professional to properly match your topper to your natural hair.
  • Clips can cause discomfort: To attach hair toppers, most feature a clip that is used to affix them to your natural hair. These clips can cause pulling and may need to be adjusted at times. This can cause inconvenience and discomfort.

Stay on trend

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