Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Facing hair loss at any age can be difficult, but the younger you are when you start losing hair, the harder it can be to come to terms with. No matter your age, you probably want to do something to stop hair loss in its tracks or even reverse it.

While there are hundreds of treatments on the market, from medications to natural home remedies, it’s hard to know what will actually work for you specifically. Where do you start? How long do you need to consistently stay with a particular treatment to see any improvement?

If you’re struggling with hair loss and want to find a solution that will have a real impact, you may have asked yourself: Is laser therapy effective?

If you’re curious about this treatment, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn everything you need to know to decide if you want to give laser therapy a try.

Can laser therapy regrow hair?

There are a number of reasons you may be facing hair loss. It could be due to a genetic predisposition, changes in hormones or an underlying medical condition. Regardless of the specific reason you’re losing your hair, if you’re looking to combat or reverse it, you’ve got to first decide what treatment route you want to take.

In the vast world of hair loss remedies, there are many different approaches for you to choose from. Medications work to block the hormones that cause hair loss in the first place and increase blood flow to your scalp. Personal care products and topical treatments typically work to stimulate new hair growth.

Laser hair treatment is a newer method of treating hair loss. These treatments use medical-grade lasers to stimulate hair follicles. The research on laser therapy is not as extensive as that of older treatment methods because there’s been less time to conduct comprehensive studies; however, there is research that suggests that receiving regular laser therapy treatments can be beneficial for men and women experiencing certain kinds of hair loss.

How does laser therapy work? Using cool therapeutic lasers, light energy is painlessly transmitted to the scalp. This improves hair follicle nutrition and scalp health, promotes circulation and new hair growth and invigorates hair that has prematurely entered the resting phase of hair growth.

Are you ready to take action? To rule out underlying medical issues, talk with your doctor before pursuing any hair loss treatment. If your hair loss is a symptom of a potentially dangerous condition, spending time, money and energy on reversing it without addressing the root issue will be futile.

Once you’re sure your hair loss is not just a symptom, reach out to the team at LaDonna Roye Hair Stylist & Hair Loss Solutions. We’ll schedule a free, private consultation to discuss your hair, the treatment options our salon can provide and which one is best for you. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we’re confident we’ll be able to help restore your hair and your self-confidence.