CuraviPro Laser Light Belt for Back Pain Relief

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For lower back pain

The CuraviPro™ Laser Light Therapy Belt is a revolutionary wearable medical device for men and women that temporarily relieves pain associated with mild to moderate aches, muscle spasms, and inflammation. This non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical treatment uses a safe laser light (no LEDs) to penetrate the skin at the necessary depth, modulating the inflammatory process for fast relief. With 30-minute auto-timed sessions, this portable light therapy device can be used as often as needed.

Is Curavi Laser Light Therapy Right for You?

The CuraviPro™ Laser Therapy Belt may be a great treatment option if you experience mild to moderate muscle pain in the lower back area. This non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment uses a precise wavelength of laser light to penetrate the skin and stimulate an increase in local blood circulation, modulating the inflammatory process for fast relief. Please note that it is normal to experience a sensation of heat which enhances laser light therapy for pain relief while using the CuraviPro™ Belt.

USA Quality

The CuraviPro™ is manufactured in the USA under the highest quality standards for the medical device industry (ISO13485).* The CuraviPro™ includes a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Customer support and warranty services are handled at our Miami-based corporate headquarters. All accessories (including the lithium-ion battery pack, lightweight carrying case, belt extender, and universal AC adapter) are included with each CuraviPro™ purchase.
* Manufactured in the USA from foreign-sourced raw materials

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