Hair Restoration Systems for Men

Everyone’s hair loss is different, so your treatments should be different. If you’re seeking to regain your confidence as well as natural looking hair, these non-surgical solutions are for you. We offer a variety of non-surgical hair restoration services that are effective and safe for men who are experiencing hair loss. These custom solutions provide men with style and coverage they’ve always wanted. Find out what’s possible for you, by coming in for a FREE confidential consultation.

CyberHair Micro Point Links Hair Restoration System

Want to fill in those thinning or balding areas without surgery, shaving down your existing hair or using adhesives, then Micro Point Links is the solution for you. Add strands of hair to your existing hair to fill in the more visible areas and do so in just 60 minutes.

Easy, Quick and Painless

Micro Point Links is a process that adds Cyberhair to your own, growing hair giving you complete freedom and confidence to fit your active lifestyle. Cyberhair is ‘created hair’ which has the same appearance and texture as human hair. In a unique process, a certified hair technician uses micro-tiny knots to combine thousands of additional strands of Cyberhair to your existing hair. These hairs get cut into and shaped to your desired hair style, allowing you freedom to comb or brush your hair, wet or dry.

The Benefit

You can go about your normal lifestyle with no concern about your hair. No adhesives. Cyberhair looks and feels just like human hair. You can have complete confidence when your hair is wet from swimming, showering or sweating . . . and you can blow dry it or let it fly with the breeze. Your hair will always look natural.

Folligraft 3.1 Hair Graft

Folligraft 3.1 is an upgrade of the original Folligraft technology. It has been improved to closely mimic all the characteristics of your natural growing hair. Folligraft 3.1 uses even smaller hair grafts and requires no adhesives. The results are painless and immediate!

Folligraft is Taking Technology to a Whole New Level

Folligraft is the original non-invasive hair graft. In traditional hair graft surgery, hair follicles are surgically removed from the scalp and implanted in areas affected by hair loss. Today, with Folligraft 3.1, men can get the same undetectable results without the disadvantages of surgery.

Folligraft 3.1 overcomes surgical limitations and the classic “tells” that come with many hairpieces. With an adhesive-free membrane and even smaller grafts, the latest version of this technology mimics all the characteristics of real growing hair.

Folligraft has a lot of Benefits

Your results can be adjusted.

  • There’s no limit to the density and coverage.
  • Hair is actually added, not moved from other parts of the scalp.
  • There’s no scarring, pain, or down time.
  • Hair is secured to the scalp without adhesives.
  • It looks natural whether you’re sweating, jogging, swimming, or running.

Folligraft 3.1 works for every type of hair loss and is not limited to Androgenic Alopecia. It can also be combined with Minoxidil or Laser therapy so that you’re actually adding hair while you take steps to prevent future loss.

We make Folligraft the Best it Can Be

If you want to explore how Folligraft could give you back your hair, contact LaDonna Roye Hairstylist & Hair Loss Solutions. We use Folligraft 3.1 every day to create natural hairlines and totally undetectable results. We can help you set your expectations high and get back to looking like yourself again. Call today for your initial consultation.

Permagraft Hair Graft

Permagraft is a non-surgical implant method that uses 100% real human hair to get undetectably natural results. With Permagraft, we can recreate your natural hairline and make each hair flow with the natural direction of your hair growth. It’s totally flexible and can add as much fullness to your hair as you want at any time in the progression of hair loss.

Permagraft is the Hair that does Everything but Grow

If you take pride in your appearance and begin losing your hair, it can feel like an impossible situation. You might have the commitment to undergo hair restoration surgery, but be concerned about whether you have enough donor hair to achieve the right look.

Permagraft Prioritizes

Permagraft is one of the solutions we use to get results that no one can detect. This system was deliberately formulated to mimic the physical mechanics of naturally growing hair. We apply and style this method in a way that satisfies the greatest expectations of our most discerning clients.

  • The very angle of every single graft follows your natural angle of growth.
  • The placement of each graft is carefully considered to deliver lifelike density.
  • Your scalp is always visible through your hair.
  • It looks, acts, and feels exactly like your own growing hair no matter what you’re doing.
  • Each hair is placed so that it can fall under its own weight, just like growing hair.

The Permagraft solution tackles the most common problems of hair replacement head on. They have developed an affordable, painless approach to hair restoration that delivers the style, motion, and texture seen with surgical hair restoration. Permagraft uses the highest-quality materials, thoughtfully delivered by specially trained and certified professionals.

Get Permagraft from an Expert

If you’re struggling to choose between surgery and Permagraft, reach out to LaDonna Roye Hairstylist & Hair Loss Solutions. Our unique hair restoration studio will give you access to the most experienced stylists and the greatest selection of hair restoratives available in the Naples area.

Polygraft Or XTS

Polygraft and XTS are similar to our other non-surgical hair graft systems. These cutting-edge methods provide our team the versatility to customize the best hair replacement for your priorities and lifestyle. In Polygraft and XTS, tiny grafts are implanted into an invisible membrane bonded securely to your scalp. The treatment is affordable and the results are low-maintenance, making Polygraft and XTS some of our most popular options.

Just like hair replacement surgery, Polygraft and XTS achieve natural results with tiny grafts of hair. But these painless solutions are more affordable and lower maintenance than surgical solutions. Instead of being surgically implanted, the grafts in Polygraft are implanted into an extremely thin membrane bonded to the scalp.

How it Works

When we use Polygraft and XTS, individual hair grafts are secured to the underside of the membrane, which holds them very tightly. The results are convenient, natural, and completely personal.

  • New hair is precisely matched to your natural color and texture.
  • The Extremely Thin Skin (XTS) is customized to fit your scalp perfectly.
  • Hair strands are threaded through the membrane in the natural pattern of your hair growth.
  • Your new hair is held securely and can be styled in any way you want.
  • Your hair will continue to look great and feel comfortable through all kinds of activity.

You Don’t Have To Wait

While some hair restoratives take time to get results, Polygraft & XTS gives you access to fast, guaranteed results. You can use them to hide your hair loss at the very beginning, or to restore full coverage in areas of balding. To find out which specific non-surgical hair graft solution is right for you, talk to an expert at LaDonna Roye Hairstylist & Hair Loss Solutions. Over the past decade, we’ve built an intimate studio that features an extensive array of options, along with the personal service and expertise to deliver a great client experience.

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